Hot Chip

In Our Heads

I want to know the simpler truths. the ones that still bleed. the ones that still grow under all of the light we cannot see. the ones still comfortable with us on the days when we are no bigger than our local haunts and favorite songs. the ones that remind us that the world will spin on long after each of us is gone.

I want to set one of the great fires, and try to begin again. I want to make sure I take care of all of my friends. I want to remember that we aren’t above each other, and that every heart has its clenched-fist secrets. that we all feel that hunger, and when we find its food we’re willing to steal it.

I want to move into the city you are, and learn what you mean. I want to step into your good dark, and wander sober through your streets.

Exclusive VMP-edition features:

  • 2LP color vinyl (lavender & canary yellow)
  • Special note from Joe Goddard of Hot Chip to VMP members
  • Download card for ‘In Our Heads’ + 2 songs from recent release ‘Why Make Sense?’
  • 12″ x 12″ original art print by artist Michelle Holley
  • Original cocktail pairing by David Solmonson & Lesley Solmonson, authors of ’12 Bottle Bar’ (Mixing video by Vinyl Rewind TV)

Unboxing video by Vinyl Rewind TV

Hot Chip is a band we have grown to admire as a true music-lover’s band. They are unapologetic in the fun they have pulling ideas from the widest range of decades & musical influences, like friends in a basement diving into a stack of records & bottling the magic. ‘In Our Heads’ showcases their ability to create an energetic form of music and complete album that is as appealing on the glittery surface as it is when you begin to unearth the deeper layers...an album the passive-listening club goer & ultra-heady music nerd can equally enjoy.

About Hot Chip

Recorded in London and produced by the band with Mark Ralph, In Our Heads is the band’s follow up to 2010’s intoxicating One Life Stand and their first LP for Domino.

The collective talents of Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard, Alexis Taylor, Felix Martin, Al Doyle and Owen Clarke have provided a consistently stellar output which continues to evolve with a deceptive effortlessness. While their lexicon of influences includes a diverse mix of soul, R&B, gospel, Detroit House, disco and funk, Hot Chip have created a uniquely identifiable sound. Since 2004, they’ve released a string of ambitious and creatively bold albums of soulful, lyrical and melodic electronic pop. Their impressive debut Coming On Strong was followed in 2006 by the brilliantly buoyant The Warning, which earned the band a prestigious Mercury Music Prize nomination. 2008’s Made In The Dark spawned an international mega hit in “Ready For The Floor”, which picked up a Grammy nomination for ‘Best Dance Recording’. With In Our Heads, an unadulterated delight of an album bursting with dynamic floor fillers, euphoric earworms and verbose synth-fuelled love songs, Hot Chip cement their position as the world’s most talented electro-romantics.


  • Coming on Strong (2004)
  • The Warning (2006)
  • Made in the Dark (2008)
  • One Life Stand (2010)
  • In Our Heads (2012)
  • Why Make Sense? (2015)

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