My Morning Jacket


“‘Z’ is an album of rebirth infused with the hope that things might turn alright; it’s about mourning the loss of partners and lovers, but also celebrating the emergence of new friends and the potential inherent in each day. This is soul music in the purest sense, raw emotions woven into ghost stories, true fables, and artful complaints, recorded on top of a haunted mansion in upstate New York. They’re too smart to offer a blueprint. After all, everyone’s answers are different. Instead, My Morning Jacket offered something more powerful and universal. They reminded us how much capacity and potential we actually have, should we manage to survive.” -Jeff Weiss

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VMP Edition Features:

  • 2LP clear with multi-color splatter
  • Gatefold jacket with VMP Exclusive color scheme
  • Lyric booklet & download card
  • 12” x 12” original art print by Kathleen Lolley

Why this record?

My Morning Jacket are something of a conundrum in modern music. They’ve never really risen to being a larger than life rock band in a conventional sense a la some of their direct influences and predecessors, but they’re arguably the best live rock band around and they’ve been an integral piece in the ongoing evolution of Americana. They’re also one of the best at wrestling with life’s bigger questions in a way that leaves you feeling understood instead of not-strange-enough-to-understand, which is one of the reasons we keep coming back to them. Jim James and company have mastered the through-a-glass-darkly Wander Rock that modernity has needed so badly, even if we didn’t always know it, and at this point it’s hard to imagine someone other than him leading such a disparate and diverse flock as their fan base towards any amount of actual light. In that way, he’s sort of the musical superhero we both need and deserve.

For us, working with My Morning Jacket on ‘Z’ was one of the most obvious yesses we’ve ever given. They’re one of our favorite bands ever and they’re also one of the only bands you and your parents can both unironically love together. More than that though, they’re also one of the bands we’re certain will still be getting air time a hundred years from now. They just get what it means to be human in the 21st century better than any of their peers in the genre and they’ve given us plenty of evidence of that. The most convincing piece of it, though, was Z. A combination or shaman-ish chattering about what it all means and reggae-infused barbecue guitar rock, this has something for almost everyone and it’s become a staple in our lives in the years since its release. It’s one of the rare records that’s as dense as it is accessible and, for that reason and many others, we can’t wait for you to get your hands on a copy and spend the next 10 years or so figuring out what you think of it.

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